Ipsum Lorem

For the past several years, my life has been fairly solitary. I’ve studied. I’ve written. I’ve spoken. All in a very specific, very specialized arena of thought and knowing. And while I have loved, suffered, and passioned my way through academia, it has recently been brought to my attention that the reason I’m here, the fati in my amor fati, has grown cobwebs and rust. I love the way words bump together and make sound and meaning. I love the visual acuity of the universe through a lens. I love resonance: the blurs and echoes of thought and feeling shifting through sound and image and language. I love things. I love the thing-ness of things, I love making it new, I love the act of sculpting a moment and distilling the essence of time and space and place. I love meeting you on a page and exploring the white space together.

My fati is distilling, tethering balloons and defying gravity, making alchemy with stars and moss. And what good is a poem if no one reads it? A picture that no one sees? What good is a life if we don’t share it? And so these are my moments, some old, some new, some previously read, some never read, some in words, some in pictures. I hope they sing to you.

And so welcome. It’s nice to meet you. Please let me introduce myself: I am The Author of this blog.


1 thought on “Ipsum Lorem

  1. Debbi

    Blogs need comments. I’m so honored to be the first and I can’t wait to read and see more. Love the photo. Love the words. Love the white space.


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