December 23 (belated): Sparkle


2 thoughts on “December 23 (belated): Sparkle

  1. sanslartigue

    Worth the wait and anticipation! The transition from light reflecting clouds to starry night sky is magnificent. Since no one can seem to agree on when Christmas really is and when the Twelve Days occur, and when Twelfth Night ends up, I think there is something very poetic about posting such an image meant for the 23rd on the 27th, the search we all make for Christmas.


    1. V. Willis Post author

      Yay!!!! I hadn’t even thought of that–that’s awesome! =) I’m really excited to try some more astrophotography–this was taken with my new tripod (a Christmas present from my boyfriend–hooray!) and I think I had my kit lens on (we tried a 50 prime and a fisheye, too) for this one.


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