One Lovely Blog Award

Thank You Sanslartigue!!

Sanslartigue nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! Yay!!!

Some of the things I really enjoy about Sanslartigue’s photography is his use of perspective, his geometric sensibility, his ability to create a really awesome composition, and his very cool subject matter!

I am very pleased to be nominated, and it is an honor to nominate my fellow bloggers in return!


1 –  Accept the Award.  “Oh I do, yes I do!”

2 – Post the Award on your blog together with the name / link to blog of the  person who granted the Award. “See above for the link to Roberto”

3 – Offer information about yourself below. “Go ahead, see below

4 – Pass the Award to 7 other blogs providing links to their blogs. “That’s just seven of those of you I constantly watch for”

5 – Contact your 7 bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this Award. “I’m on it”


About Me: I live in Atlanta, and take lots of pictures (and I occasionally write things). I bought a “real” camera (a Canon Rebel) about a year ago, but I blog more with my iPhone. I’m excited that it’s becoming fall and that it was cool enough to wear my orange hoodie this morning! With my orange sneakers! Small things make me happy. =)


And now for the next seven nominations:

Cheese and Responsibility

Knit. Run. Reap. Eat.


A Traveller’s Tale

13.7 Cosmos and Culture

Longarm’s Locker

New Terminus


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