How to Worry Less About Money by John Armstrong

Doctor Worm Reviews

I realize that this is an odd choice for my first book review–my first “real” blog post, even–but there’s a very good reason for it. I chose this book because it’s summer. A very sodden, grey, sunless, chilly summer here in the deep South, where it was a blinding 107 degrees this time last year. And if there is anything I want to do when it’s rainy, it’s read. And in order to read, I buy books.

I buy a LOT of books. Kindle Daily Deals are my kryptonite. What’s $2.99, right? I gave away seven or eight boxes of books when I moved last year. And I still hoard them and buy them in electronic and paper formats. Even though I finally got a library card where I now live, I still can’t stop spending money on books. And film. And thread. But mostly books. My middle name? It’s…

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