On Serendipity (Or, You Can’t Force a Book)

Doctor Worm Reviews

I have several books on my reading list. Infinite Jest (which I may well get kung fu’ed in the face by the recommender for not reading yet), After Dark, Subliminal (which I actually started and have quite enjoyed, but non-fiction wasn’t doing it), Outliers (which I’ve wanted to read for a very long while), The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat, 4:50 from Paddington, Vanity Fair, What Dreams May Come, Orcs, Bears, and Assholes (written by the incomparable Robert Bevan. Reviews forthcoming), et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum. My book list fills me with glee. One of my greatest joys is knowing that there is always, and will always be, something else to read.

When I read more in paperback, I would buy new books and put them in a stack. The new books would remain in stack form, occasionally relocated to other parts of the…

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