Thing a Week: First Things First

I had been planning to post this yesterday, but evidently, some nasty sick bug had other plans. So I’m posting today. The first thing of my Thing a Week is: my blog.

I thought quite a bit about whether my first Thing was going to be my blog or this cool knitting project I did, but I chose the blog because I’ve put quite a few hours this past week into its renovation and rebirth. And I want to make this place a priority for my crafting and creating and thinking, so what prioritizes it more than by making it number one?

So while this may be a little anti-climactic for my first Thing a Week, it’s actually my most important Thing this week, setting (I hope) the foundation for all future Things. I thought quite a bit about my categories, but already I’m feeling them morph, as Zazen Earworms (which is not actually a category–yet) is getting more posts than Knitting (although I’m going to post some knitting today, I think).

I want my future Things to be writing based, but crafting may happen as well. The point is to engage in a creative endeavor each week. This week, (re)creating my blog was my creation.


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