Writing Mush

I’m trying to write about seeing The Bad Plus last night, and fangirling, and jazz, and I have turned my brain to mush. I have writing mush brain. I’ve spent too long trying to get the sentence just right, the paragraph just right, the ideas just right, and now the words are becoming less like lightning, and more like lightning bugs.

I think writer’s mush is far more insidious than writer’s block. I’m more daunted by a page full of crap than a blank page. I know that many people have the opposite problem. But an empty bowl vs. a big bowl of crap? I’ll take the empty bowl every time.

The only thing to do with writer’s mush is walk away–the opposite, really, of writers’ block. I must relinquish this idea for today, but it’s sooo hard to put it down.

Hence this post. Something different. Something new. Something to use to let go.

For now.




3 thoughts on “Writing Mush

  1. Emily

    Interesting. I just need to feel productive is my main thing. Even if I later look back and think my writing is terrible, at least I was practicing. My opinion of course, but I like your perspective. 🙂

    1. V. Willis Post author

      Thanks!! =) I definitely get needing to feel productive! Sometimes I write just to feel like I did something, even if it’s small or short. I think for me it depends on my goals, too. When I’m struggling with an idea, the mush can mess me up more than a blank page, mostly because I start to write myself in circles and confuse myself. There’s something really comforting about a blank page, because it speaks to all of the ideas that have yet to come. I compulsively buy new notebooks for that feeling of “new” and “infinite” and “possibility.” 😉


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