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Zazen Earworms

I’m starting a regular zazen practice (Zen Buddhist meditation. Sit and stare at a wall. Breathe.) and every single time I sit down to sit, various songs immediately start up in my brain.

I’m sure this is common for music lovers. Watching my thoughts surface and swim and float away is one thing. That’s hard. Breathe. Focus. Sometimes I count my breath. But the earworms? Those things are insidious. Focusing on a  sound in the room, like a slight rhythm to an air conditioner, can help. But sometimes it surfaces a new earworm.

I’m intrigued (and rather amused) by which songs surface and assert their presence during zazen. So I’m going to list today’s earworms, in order of appearance.

1. Time after Time–Cyndi Lauper

2. Punk Rock Girl–Dead Milkmen

3. Cashmere–Nerf Herder

4. Mr. Spock–Nerf Herder

I’m not sure I have any commentary about any of these, but there they were, and they’re all still kind of mushing around in my brain. I’m guessing the double Nerf Herder is from the massive amount of listening I’ve given them lately and the Cyndi Lauper is from the recent rediscovery I’ve made of She’s So Unusual. “Punk Rock Girl,” however, was completely random. I’m mystified as to where that one came from. And why these songs? I’m sure I can’t tell you.