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goodbye my beautiful devil,
my infinite soul swallow,
goodbye oh treachery of greengreengreen
eyes and a decade of ripe-apple hearts, of
love beneath my fingernails.

you were the anguish of my coffeespoons,
the sunflower of my daydream city

and i forgive you

for every ambush of your sluttish heart,
for every letter that misspelled the color of my eyes,
for every deliberate breath that filled
the spaces of my poems.

but this is the last one i will ever write for you.
and yes, my favorite demon, i am sad.
i have ridden in subways that were filled with
your voice, i have spoken in tongues that were a parody
of my heart.

but every sentence ends.

soon you will be ringed and
the disbanding of my heart is my re-doing.
i will no longer throw salt over my shoulders
to hear the crystals sing your name, i
will no longer paint the silent
motion of your hands.

but i will miss you.

and i will grow new wings
and two new hearts, and i will fly over your banding day
throwing rice and butterflies and pink origami swans
that each read “goodbye my sweet beautiful devil”
when unfolded.