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Guitars and Geeks: The Troubling Allegations Against Jian Ghomeshi

Where I discuss the allegations of violence and sexual assault that have been brought against the former member of Moxy Fruvous: http://www.profawesome.com/?p=726

This was, btw, very difficult to write, in part because it’s very upsetting, but also because I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, and writing constantly, and using up all my words.



Nothing Ever Happens on Halloween: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon

Check out my guest blog post about the Halloween episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Holiday Film Reviews!



Guitars and Geeks (September 26, 2014)

My new post for Guitars and Geeks is up! In this one I discuss the “Top 10” phenomenon on Facebook, explain my most recent Top 10 (actually, Top 11) list, and discuss mapping music and self.

You can check it out here:

“Lists, Maps, Narratives: The Top 11 All-Time Influential Albums of My Entire Life”

Thing a Week: First Things First

I had been planning to post this yesterday, but evidently, some nasty sick bug had other plans. So I’m posting today. The first thing of my Thing a Week is: my blog.

I thought quite a bit about whether my first Thing was going to be my blog or this cool knitting project I did, but I chose the blog because I’ve put quite a few hours this past week into its renovation and rebirth. And I want to make this place a priority for my crafting and creating and thinking, so what prioritizes it more than by making it number one?

So while this may be a little anti-climactic for my first Thing a Week, it’s actually my most important Thing this week, setting (I hope) the foundation for all future Things. I thought quite a bit about my categories, but already I’m feeling them morph, as Zazen Earworms (which is not actually a category–yet) is getting more posts than Knitting (although I’m going to post some knitting today, I think).

I want my future Things to be writing based, but crafting may happen as well. The point is to engage in a creative endeavor each week. This week, (re)creating my blog was my creation.

Construction Debris

Please excuse the mess as I move things around, add, archive, etc.

What I’m going for is more “project/object,” and less “sporadic ideas that never fully gelled.”

My big plan is the Thing a Week section (inspired by Jonathan Coulton, Noah Scalin, and Parry Gripp). So stay tuned for whatever happens there.