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Writing Mush

I’m trying to write about seeing The Bad Plus last night, and fangirling, and jazz, and I have turned my brain to mush. I have writing mush brain. I’ve spent too long trying to get the sentence just right, the paragraph just right, the ideas just right, and now the words are becoming less like lightning, and more like lightning bugs.

I think writer’s mush is far more insidious than writer’s block. I’m more daunted by a page full of crap than a blank page. I know that many people have the opposite problem. But an empty bowl vs. a big bowl of crap? I’ll take the empty bowl every time.

The only thing to do with writer’s mush is walk away–the opposite, really, of writers’ block. I must relinquish this idea for today, but it’s sooo hard to put it down.

Hence this post. Something different. Something new. Something to use to let go.

For now.




Guitars and Geeks (September 26, 2014)

My new post for Guitars and Geeks is up! In this one I discuss the “Top 10” phenomenon on Facebook, explain my most recent Top 10 (actually, Top 11) list, and discuss mapping music and self.

You can check it out here:

“Lists, Maps, Narratives: The Top 11 All-Time Influential Albums of My Entire Life”

“Guitars and Geeks” at Professor Awesome’s University

I keep a column called “Guitars and Geeks” at Professor Awesome’s University. Every two weeks, I post a new article/essay about geek rock (the subject of my recent book with Alex DiBlasi). My plan is to start linking those essays over here so that I can create a little archive/collection of my writing (while also posting new things that I write here).

Instead of posting all my past articles separately, however, I’m going to just link them all here. I like things uncluttered. And efficient. And expedited.

I think my INTJ is showing.

Without further ago, and it reverse chronological order (so starting with the most recent and getting older), here’s “Guitars and Geeks” at Professor Awesome’s University.

Not That Scruffy Looking: Nerf Herder

Geek Week and Fandoms

Ok Go and the Geek (Rock) Video

I Am a Feminist Geek and You Do, Indeed, Need Me

The Novelty of Geek Rock

Review of 33 1/3’s Flood by S. Alexander Reed and Philip Sandifer

Geek or Geek Rock? The Question of Babymetal

What is Geek Rock?

I’ve written some other things as well, about some things other than geek rock, which I will probably post and link over here in the very near.